Located in New York City, Callen-Lorde is the global leader in LGBTQ healthcare. Since the days of Stonewall, Callen-Lorde has have been transforming lives in LGBTQ communities through excellent comprehensive healthcare, provided free of judgment and regardless of ability to pay.

In 2014, Callen-Lorde started a campaign for their second location – the Thea Spyer Center. The Thea Spyer Center provides mental health services to thousands of LGBTQ New Yorkers each year, offering short and long term counseling, psychotherapy, crisis intervention, group therapy and more, all delivered through a supportive and culturally competent model by experts in LGBTQ health and wellness. To help support the work of Callen-Lorde and offset the over $5 million in unreimbursed care that Callen-Lorde provides each year to those in need, donations can be made to the Spyer Center in a special annual fund dedicated in Thea's memory.

To learn more about the Spyer Center or to make a donation, visit callen-lorde.org/theaspyer